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Excel Point Of Sale is our top-selling Windows App that uses Microsoft Excel to turn your laptop or tablet into a fully functional POS Cash Register in a matter of seconds!

All you need is any Windows Laptop, PC or Tablet that has Microsoft Excel 2013 or 2016 (32 Bit).

Features Include: 

  • Full Color, Point and Click / Touchscreen Interface / Register 
  • Ability to apply your own Branding 
  • Upload your own product images 
  • Enter/Manage/Edit Skus, Prices and Product Details
  • Use Barcodes and Barcode Scanner Gun 
  • Sales Tax percentage setup 
  • Easy to use Warehousing/inventory database 
  • Stock Counts 
  • Built-In Customer database 
  • Built-In Search Engine 
  • Create, print and email invoices 
  • Built-in metrics and sales reports 
  • Saving of Customer profiles 
  • Built-in generator for gift cards, vouchers, discount coupons 
  • Ability to set promotional discounts/incentives 
  • Built-In Dropbox Support for syncing to cloud
  • Designed for 32bit Excel 2013+

Download Excel Point of Sale Now
The example below shows how you can easily setup/add products to Excel Point Of Sale by simply scanning barcodes!

Easily Organize Products By Category and View By Category at time of sale:

Use Excel Point of Sale as a Public Facing Kiosk For Self-Service Orders!

Our latest update to the popular Excel Point Of Sale software allows you to configure it for use as a public facing touch screen kiosk so that patrons and customers and can walk into your establishment and place an order for themselves in Excel Point Of Sale!

Simply install Excel Point Of Sale to a secured touch-screen device such as a Surface Pro 3 and allow your customers to walk in, and place an order! As orders are placed, a receipt is automatically generated that the customer can then bring up to the cashier (who is running a second installation of Excel Point of Sale) so that they can pay for their items!

All that is needed for this complete system is a Windows Laptop/PC and Microsoft Excel 2013 or higher!

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